The complex current socioeconomic context suggests that, beyond the talents and individual responsibilities, the new generation of progress is only possible if, together, we go further and take a real attitude of commitment and action to the point that we live.

Now, more than ever, we must awaken in all of us a NEW ATTITUDE SOCIAL, an attitude that is latent in our society and is ready to hatch. Lighting up then this new COMMITMENT attitude followed by a TANGIBLE and MEASURABLE ACTION to push the new progress and transform the future.


COMMITTOMOVE is an initiative open to all, which aims to promote the commitment of each person or organization to take concrete actions to improve our community. The sum of commitments and actions of thousands of us can multiply the transformative effect making this world a better place, something better.

COMMITTOMOVE and disseminates the initiative personally or as an organization because together we can make it happen.


Using a Social Network Movement Commitments each person or organization builds and shares his own profile Commitments in Action, creating, copying, replicating, adhering and commitments that generate social action and transformation.


COMMITTOMOVE is a joint initiative sponsored by the Princess of Girona Foundation, Campus Party and Teaming, open to all persons and organizations that are willing to COMMITTOMOVE to drive progress and social improvement.